Honolulu, HI is a great location to visit. It has beautiful beaches and friendly people, plus many things you can do without even leaving your area! One of the favorite activities of most visitors is going on tours on this gorgeous island. Here are some of the top tours near your rental in Honolulu, HI.

Oahu Submarine Scooter Adventure

Want to get around in and under the water a little faster so you can see more sea life and have more fun? This fun, highly rated tour requires no experience with the equipment. They provide all gear and snacks.

Chief’s Luau

After all that activity during the day, you’re just starving! No worries—you made reservations for one of the favorite luaus in the area. Chief’s Luau isn’t just for tourists. The locals love it, too! There is a reason it’s the highest-rated Luau in Hawaii. It’s not just the best Hawaiian cuisine. You also see world champion fire dancer, Chief Sielu, whose superpower is fabulous comedy. If you miss Chief’s Luau, you miss a lot of Hawaii!

Shaka Guide

Want to tour this gorgeous island but would rather do it at your own pace and on your own time? Shaka Guide offers tours where you can jump in your car, turn on your smartphone, follow the directions, and listen to the stories.

Salute to Pearl Harbor

As some of our last Pearl Harbor survivors are leaving us, it’s important to remember the event that changed the world on December 7, 1941. Learn about the history, the day, see artifacts and cultural displays, and hear some of the personal stories at this ground zero monument.

Trident Adventures

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Trident Adventures is the place for you. From scuba diving and snorkeling with the sea life to fishing trips and kids’ water-based activities, you can get lots of time in our gorgeous ocean. Want something more exciting? Try the Trident Tactical Group training. Their unique training structure helps you develop skills in weapons handling, combat, and more.

Oahu Snorkel Cruise

What better way to start your morning than swimming with dolphins, sea turtles, and the beautiful saltwater fish? Oahu Snorkel Cruise provides snorkel gear, paddleboards, kayaks, and snacks. They also offer hotel transportation, and you can even get a fun hula lesson!

Hi5 Hawaii Tours

They have designed their tours to encompass everything people love about Hawaii—the food, the scenery, water-based adventures, and island exploration. You will have a chance to taste the best of Hawaiian cuisine (they are rated #1 on Trip Advisor for food and drink), view local flora and fauna, paddleboard, snorkel with the beautiful sea life, and more.

Hawaiian Parasail

Seeing the Hawaiian Islands from the air is one of the most exciting ways to do it. Viewed from above, you can see the beauty that is typically hidden to all but the birds! Panoramas open up from shore to shore, and you can even take a teabag dip in the water if you wish, just like the birds!

Kualoa Ranch – ATV Raptor Tour

Kualoa Ranch is one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii because of the natural beauty of the Ka’a’awa Valley area and exciting terrain for ATV rides! This valley was known for its appearance in Jurassic Park and other movies.

Oahu Shark Dive

Swim inside an underwater shark cage and observe these fascinating fish. The crew understands the sharks, and each one has the knowledge to keep you safe at all times. This is a tour for the record books. You might see whales, dolphins, and turtles, too!

Star Casual Sunset & Show Cruise

There is so much to do in Hawaii that sometimes you just need a calm, relaxing cruise to finish your day. Try this popular two-hour cruise. Dine on a steak and crab dinner and take in the “60 Years of Aloha” show while you enjoy the South Pacific sunset. Hint: Go on Fridays! You get an extra hour of sailing and a fireworks show.

Hollywood Movie Sites Tour

Don’t miss this bus tour of the Kualoa Ranch! Pearl Harbor, Magnum P.I., Jurassic Park, and more were filmed here. You will also get a history of the ranch and the area and see other natural formations like Mokoli’i Island, Kaneohe Bay, and more.

EpicLava Volcano Tour

You can’t come to Hawaii without seeing our famous lava flows! Volcano National Park has 505 square miles of features and history. You will be able to view the current volcanic activity and learn how volcanos work. Not everyone can say they experienced hot, flowing rock close-up and personal!

While this is not by any means an exhaustive list of all the tours here, these are the top tours near your rental in Honolulu. We hope you enjoy as many as possible and come away with the real meaning of “aloha!” Be sure to contact Darmic today to book your stay on Oahu!