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Guest Deliveries

If you require any parcels couriered to you during your stay, please ask the Darmic team for your suite number and phone number.  Please help us to help you by insuring your deliveries and packages to your suite are properly signed for and received.

Be advised that if you are having parcels or packages sent to your suite, the delivery companies (Fed Ex, DHL, Amazon, on-line stores, etc.) will deliver items to your suite and if you are not there to accept/sign for, or have set up a specific date and time for delivery, they may leave your items/packages at your front door and that may lead to it going missing or being taken by someone else.  It is most important that you coordinate with your delivery companies to ensure that you are there to sign for packages.  This practice for delivery companies is no different for houses and other residential and condominium properties, so please be aware that your packages left unattended may disappear through no fault of the delivery company, Darmic or the Waikiki Banyan.

Due to liability and safety issues, no Darmic or Waikiki Banyan staff can sign for any packages that are delivered to specific suites on anyone’s behalf.  As such any missing items are the responsibility of the person it was delivered to and not Darmic or the Waikiki Banyan.  If any items are claimed to be missing, please contact the Security Office so they can make a report for you.  You will also need to contact your delivery company to file a claim.

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