About Darmic

From left to right – back row: Jamie, Samantha, Ritchie, Michael, Jack, Lyle, Noel; front row: Mollie, Jennie, Meg, Dariel, Eve, Robyn

Aloha… and welcome to the Darmic Waikiki Banyan Family

Darmic is a family owned company and is the only New Zealand owned company operating out of the Waikiki Banyan.

We are very proud to be currently ranked #1 on Trip Advisor (under “Specialty Lodging in Honolulu”).


The History of Darmic

The Holibar clan have been coming to Hawaii since 1980, when Dariel and Michael (the DAR and MIC of Darmic) won a vacation courtesy of the industry Mike was in at the time. After a fantastic week seeing the sights, Dariel and Mike decided their daughters would benefit from the experience, so in 1982 our family spent a month in California, Arizona and Nevada travelling in an RV, finishing with 5 days in Waikiki. Our love affair with Hawaii had begun!! The three daughters were hooked and within 5 years we had all found employment in the travel industry in Auckland.

Four out of the five Holibar family have been involved in the travel industry since 1985, with employment at companies including: Worldwide Travel, Flexiplan, Qantas and British Airways, as well as Flight Centre, Budget Travel, House of Travel, Stars Travel and Sports Tours.

Then in the late 1980’s Dariel and Michael had the opportunity to take their Hawaii experience a step further – and Darmic at the Waikiki Banyan was born.

Between 1990 and 2001 Dariel and Michael put their heart and soul into the business and the family again spent many wonderful weeks in Hawaii. In 2001 Jamie began working full time for them. As grandchildren started to come along, Dariel and Michael felt it was time to step down and in 2007 the business was sold. Then in 2014, a set of circumstances enabled Jamie and Robyn to once again take the reins and bring Darmic back into the family.


Our Love Affair with Hawaii

We continue to return to Hawaii year after year, it’s like a second home for Mike and Dariel after close to 17 years with Darmic and 35 years since their first visit. All of the photo’s shown below are from our many visits to Waikiki – and beyond. One of the very first photos shows Dariel and Michael at Pali Lookout, Dariel in a stunning black and white strapless jumpsuit with Mike looking dashing in stubbies.

Another early photo from the 1982 holiday, shows Dariel with Jamie, Robyn and Jennie waiting to view the Arizona Memorial; Mike sits with the girls on Waikiki Beach (also in 1982). Other photos are from our favourite places and of our favourite people.


Social Media

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Darmic Today

Being a family company, we are proud of what Dariel and Michael did to turn a small fledgling outfit into an internationally known vacation rental and property management company with many repeat guests each year.

Dariel and Mike instilled a very strong work ethic in all their girls and we are proud to continue the Darmic name on while our parents  watch in the wings.

Now as we start our fifth year back in the family, we are excited to be evolving and offering even more to our guests.